OWMI is a duo based in Copenhagen - consisting of

singer Bashir Billow and guitarist Jakob Miang.

Together they craft experimental sounds enriched by a

backcloth of electronic soundscapes and soulful

vocals. Both members were raised in Denmark but their

roots extend from East Africa to Brazil and with a

deep affection for hand played music and the

possibilities of present day music technology, OWMI

invites you into an eclectic and memorable musical universe.

Blacklisted Magazine

“The Shape of Soul to come”


Scandinavian Soul

“... a collage of experimental R&B which is firmly heading into the future.”

Lucia Odoom - Politiken

"Danish OWMI is the sound of very different climate zones: tropical, Nordic, crisp desert, rainforest, sunshine and >>> monsuuun <<< as they sing on 'Beats and Lies'."

Bands of Tomorrow

"...through versatile, cheeky productions and ear-catching vocal melodies, the group proves to be one of the most interesting new names on the Danish music scene." 

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Copenhagen, Denmark