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OWMI is a duo based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They invite you into an eclectic and memorable musical universe that is both forward thinking, present and felt. The soundscapes balances organic and handplayed instrumentation with electronic elements, topped off with exquisite soulful vocals. 


Associations are many and easily connect you with Frank Ocean, Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors and Kendrick Lamar, but OWMI are without a doubt their own.


In October 2019 OWMIs debut album Tourner was released. An introspective and explorative mini album with a runtime of 21 minutes. The following year three alternative session versions of songs from the album was released.


OWMI will in 2021 release singles from their upcoming project. Their new batch of releases in 2021 point to a new sonic direction. A more outward-reaching, bright and extroverted feeling.

Blacklisted Magazine

“The Shape of Soul to come”


Scandinavian Soul

“... a collage of experimental R&B which is firmly heading into the future.”

Pelle Peter Jencel - DR-P3

"In a landscape where many perform either in danish, playing rock music on instruments or bouncy and danceable rap, OWMI has the best of both worlds. And then they have some good ears; it's pop music, but it has some edge and an independent expression.” 

Lucia Odoom - Politiken

"Danish OWMI is the sound of very different climate zones: tropical, Nordic, crisp desert, rainforest, sunshine and >>> monsuuun <<< as they sing on 'Beats and Lies'."

Bands of Tomorrow

"...through versatile, cheeky productions and ear-catching vocal melodies, the group proves to be one of the most interesting new names on the Danish music scene." 

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